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Information Overload Syndrome

This video, while humorous, looks at the phenomenon of information overload in our daily lives. Fifteen years into the Internet (plus or minus for most of us), the problem is quite topical.

Obedience! Jesuit Saved from Titanic

While he was having a meal in the first class dining room he got chatting to a wealthy American couple. They liked  Fr. Frank Browne, S.J.  and asked him to stay on the Titanic with them until the boat reached New York. The American couple even offered to pay the rest of his fare to New York but Fr. Browne told them that his superior in Dublin would never allow it so he had to get off the ship when it stopped in Cobh.

Kurelek Comes to Hamilton

I've been given tickets to the opening of the William Kurelek exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton on January 29. Titled "William Kurelek: the Messenger", it's the largest exhibition of this important Canadian Catholic painter's works ever launched, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of his death (1977).

We Are Not Alone

This is a clip from the Mennonite choir, the Emerald Chorale, singing "We are not Alone" in a cathedral in Dublin. Both the music, and the spirit with which they sing it, is beautiful.

First Entry in a Decade

I just discovered that I've had a blog for the last ten years, a blog that began in 2002, and for which I managed to write a total of 26 words (see below). I think I will try and improve on that during the next decade. To be honest, I forgot about the blog after its first, rather terse and procrastinating entry. Even then it was incomplete. Now it was a traditional Jesuit habit -- oh yes, I became a member of the Society of Jesus since I last wrote -- to write something every day, even if it is only for 10 minutes. I can't be sure that I will write every day, but I hereby commit to posting items that I think merit public sharing. I hope these are found to be fruitful. Was WYD Toronto really 10 years ago?