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From Their Mouths Comes Perfect Praise

It's been a busy week: I assisted at the silent discernment retreat which was full of many graces for all the participants, and now am slaving away merrily on my next chapter of the thesis. I couldn't pass by posting this remarkable video interview of a young boy who knew he was going to die. It's not morbid in the least, but rather is one of the more inspiring interviews I've seen in ages. May we have such conviction and serenity when our moment comes. Take a few minutes...

It's hard not to imagine the Lord welcoming this boy into his kingdom with great joy. One gets the impression he was already mostly there.

L'esprit d'enfance is our goal too. One of Catherine Doherty's well-known prayers was:
"Give me the heart of a child, and the awesome courage to live it out."
Also, my latest posting over at Ibo: another young person who shows us the way. Meet Rose Prince.


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