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CERC & thesis passed!

The website called Catholic Education Resource Center is an excellent source of articles on topics of all kind, from abortion to world religions. Calling it a website seems to shortchange the quality of editorial effort that goes into producing and organizing CERC's content. It's more a refined aggregator of articles, columns and editorials of note from around the world. The chief editor, Mr. Fraser Field, has a discerning eye and is very selective of what pieces make it to his roster.

Notwithstanding the high bar, CERC was kind enough to include a little piece of mine called "The Recovery of Focal Practices", in which I discuss the theories of Albert Borgmann on how to discern and live with our new technologies and devices. It's a theme I treat in my master's thesis, "The Recovery of Silence", which was recently accepted and passed by the readers at the Toronto School of Theology -- deo gratias!

You can also download the audio .mp3 of the article by right-clicking on the link called "listen" at the article page which is here.


  1. Congratulations John!! Will your thesis be "published" anywhere online for perusing?

    1. Thanks, Sarah! My advisor would like me to publish it somewhere, so we'll be talking about that. Meanwhile, I'm happy to email you a PDF if you'd like to peruse it!

  2. Congratulations, John.
    Have you met Arthur Boers at Tyndale? He shares your interests.
    God bless you and your work.

    1. Greetings, Prof. Borgmann: I was not familiar with Dr. Boers' work at Tyndale (despite a sibling of mine attending that university), but have since found his list of books, which look intriguing:

      Thanks for the pointer. I look forward to delving more into his writing. Thanks as well for your own work, which evidently I have profited from personally and for this thesis.

      I'll be teaching communications and media literacy this fall at Corpus Christi College in Vancouver, and anticipate incorporating some of your key ideas. Again, my thanks!

      - John

  3. It would be great to connect, John. Sounds like we have lots to discuss.
    Arthur Boers

  4. I would love to connect, Dr. Boers. I'll send you email and perhaps we can communicate that way soon.


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