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So it Begins!

Tomorrow morning I'm flying to St. Louis for the annual convention of the Apostleship of Prayer -- the international Jesuit apostolate aimed at assisting the spiritual lives of Christians, and promoting the pope's intentions. The conference is the staging ground of a gruelling six-week tour of the U.S. South with the Hearts on Fire team: six cities, six weekends, six retreats. I was tapped to be the music leader, so please keep me -- and the young retreatants -- in your prayers!

If you or anyone you know happens to live in or near the following cities, do send them the link, and encourage them to attend a Hearts on Fire weekend retreat. They will experience the heart and head of Ignatian spirituality -- it may just change their lives!

Dallas, TX
June 22-23
San Antonio, TX
June 29-30
Corpus Christi, TX
July 6-7
New Orleans, LA
July 13-14
Tampa, FL
July 20-21
Atlanta, GA
July 27-28

I'll be blogging from the road, time allowing, with photos.

Also, you might want to check out Fr. James Kubicki's new book, A Heart on Fire. It's the best contemporary treatment of the Sacred Heart for our day, makes for great spiritual reading, and is accessible to all (literate) ages.

(N.B. not to be confused with Charles Chaput's new book of the same title, released at the same time -- oh the humanity!)

Free audio talks are available here. Recommended are the Theology of the Body meets Sacred Heart Retreat talks. Just right click on the links to download.


  1. I hope it all goes well John! I'm looking forward to seeing you on this side of the country before too long.
    Love, from your sis...

  2. Thanks Liz. Yes, see you in Vancouver in late summer!


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